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Making Offers that Stand Out

Getting Offers Accepted in a Competitive Market

The Real Estate Market around the Puget Sound is extremely competitive. Most local buyers are finding themselves in competitive bidding wars, and those with inexperienced or discount agents often miss out on the home of their dreams because their agent fails to construct and present their offer to the Seller.

We on the Zack Lazo Team have a tried-and-true method for getting our client's offers accepted, even when they're not the highest offer on the home! The key is in our approach, and our strategic tactics for presenting offers. The Zack Lazo Team knows what makes an offer stand out in the mind of a Seller because we have successfully listed and sold over 200 homes. We understand the key ingredients that make an offer more attractive to a Seller, and it goes beyond the most commonly thought-of items like price, contingencies, and closing timeline. Our methods are so effective that we have even been able to get our client's offer accepted when it wasn't the highest offer or had the fewest contingencies!


Give yourself the best chance to get the home of your dreams and work with the Zack Lazo Team. Call us today at 425-274-8992 to find out how we can help you submit winning offers, and the many other benefits of having us represent you in buying the home of your dreams.

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